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Are you planning to travel through the USA or Canada in your own car and looking for the right insurance?

If you want to travel through the USA or Canada, you will need the right insurance coverage for you and your car


  • The insurance covers travels through Canada only if your trip starts in the USA!

TourInsure is the expert for international motor insurances and provides your insurance policy prior to your departure in order to guarantee insurance coverage for your car from day one of your vacation in the USA. Just download our application form. After receipt of the processing fee you will receive your insurance policy for traveling in your own car through the USA or Canada.

Car insurance in the USA and Canada: Your Green Card is not valid

If you want to drive down Highway 1 in California, you should know that insurances in the USA are different to those in Germany. The Green card from your German insurer is not valid in the USA or Canada. Therefore, we recommend taking out motor insurance for traveling through the USA in your car directly via TourInsure.

Different insurance conditions in the USA and Canada

In Germany, third party insurance is mandatory for your camper. This insurance covers your car no matter who drives it. In the USA and Canada, the insurance is not tied to the vehicle but to its driver. Only if the insurance is tied to you, your international motor insurance will cover damages on your car or on vehicles owned by a third party. Spouses are always included in the insurance.

Insurance for your own car in the USA or Canada

TourInsure can only insure your own car for traveling through the USA or Canada. Therefore, the car needs to be registered in your name. If the vehicle is registered in a different name or a company, please contact us.

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