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Do you want to travel through the USA or Canada on your own motorcycle and need the right international insurance coverage?

If you want to travel through the USA or Canada on your own motorcycle, you will need the right insurance

TourInsure is the expert for international motor insurance and we will provide your insurance policy prior to your departure. With us, you can enjoy complete insurance coverage from the first day of your vacation. Just download our application form and send it back to us filled out and signed. After receipt of the insurance premium (please see premium table attached to the application form) you will receive your insurance policy for your travel on your own motorcycle through the USA or Canada.

Motorcycle insurance for the USA and Canada: Your Green Card is not valid across the Atlantic Ocean

Do you want to ride along Route 66? Then you should know some facts about your motor insurance: Your insurer’s Green Card is not valid in the USA or Canada! This is why we recommend taking out motor insurance for traveling through the USA/Canada on your motorcycle directly via TourInsure.

Differences in insurance conditions in Europe and USA/Canada

In Germany, third party insurance is mandatory for your motorcycle. This insurance is tied to your motorcycle, not to the driver. In Canada and the USA, motor insurances are always and only tied to the person who drives the vehicle. That means that you will have to insure the respective driver, not your motorcycle. The drivers name will be stated in the insurance policy. Spouses are always included in the insurance.

Insurance for your own motorcycle in the USA or Canada

TourInsure can only provide insurance for your own motorcycle in the USA or Canada. Therefore, the vehicle must be registered in your name. In case the motorcycle is registered in a different name or a company, please contact us.

For further important information on insurance coverage, please see our information sheets attached to the application form.

TourInsure offers additional insurance

Transport insurance for your motorcycle

For perfect insurance coverage against possible damages caused during transportation to the USA or Canada, we also offer reasonable transport insurance. This way, your motorcycle will be best insured for transportation via ship and/or airplane.

Buying a vehicle the USA and transportation to Germany

You found a great motorcycle in California and want to transport it to Germany? TourInsure offers insurance for the transportation of your motorcycle from the USA or Canada to Germany.

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